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The guinea pig is domestic cavy, a rodent that vaguely looks like a dwarf rabbit. It can live inside the home or outdoors, in a large and comfortable habitat. With a few simple treatments and a little attention to hygiene, guinea pigs can live healthy for many years in their new family.


His home must be spacious and welcoming. It should be located in a quiet area and if there are other animals in the house such as cats and dogs, it should be placed in a protected place. Unfortunately, the guinea pig is considered by them an attractive prey and could be attacked. It is therefore important to choose a safe cage like Ferplast’s Cavie 80 or Casita 80, both equipped with special opening and closing clips with safety system. The front wire net door can be completely opened to facilitate cleaning operations while the plastic base is deep and capacious, excellent for containing the litter box.

Hygiene of the guinea pig

The guinea pig is a very clean animal and does not stink,  its cage and the environment in which it lives must always be kept clean.
There are many conflicting opinions on the bath, for this reason it is necessary to ask for indications on when it is possible to do it to your veterinarian.

Other instead are the treatments that we can provide weekly for our guinea pig:

1- brush the guinea pig at least once a week, to remove dead hair and keep the coat tidy
2- check the state of intimate hygiene, especially for male puppies
3- check that the legs are of a clean pink complexion
4- gently clean the pig’s ears

It is then possible to shorten the nails monthly. In order not to damage the animal, carefully observe the nail against the light, so as not to damage the blood vessel.

Short-haired breeds are easier to comb. The long-haired pigs is a little more demanding. The coat should be brushed daily to prevent it from getting tangled. It should also be adjusted so that it does not crawl on the ground or is too long on the genital area.

To keep the coat smooth, avoid infections and yellowing of the fur, it is therefore necessary to have a Ferplast rodent brush. GRO 5759 is ideal for all types of short, medium and long hair. It is perfect for making the coat of guinea pig shiny, soft and well cared for. The bristles are soft and make a pleasant massage to the animal.

Taking care of the guinea pig is simple, it is our way to show him how much we love him.